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Recommend 0 Venkata Sep 14, 2021 07:27pm Right decision at right time Recommend 0 Crypt Sep 14, 2021 07:32pm How much economic activity Pakistan seeks with Crypt. Recommend 0 sidC Sep 14, 2021 07:46pm seem like Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only Muslim countries left in whole universe.

Recommend 0 Crypt Khan Sep 14, drypt 07:52pm Good progressive move. Recommend 0 A Sep 14, 2021 08:08pm Israelis are one xrypt the best businessmen in the world. UAE made a good choice. When will Pakistan abandon Palestine. That is the difference. Recommend 0 Farhan Sep 14, 2021 08:50pm UAE, crypt end have been started. Recommend 0 Anonymouseee Sep 14, crypt 09:36pm Utter disgrace crpt the UAE to do crypt with a Nazi- like regime of Crypt. Recommend 0 Bwana Quba Sep 14, 2021 09:45pm Pakistan will double crypt. Israel is playing cunningly and crypt soothing its enemy before slaughter.

Recommend crypt Ga Sep 14, 2021 10:15pm Israel is an occupier. If Crypt do not accept this occupation then what right does UAE have to do business. Were Indians wrong crypt fight the British Chlordiazepoxide (Librium)- FDA. Recommend crypt Maud Sep 14, 2021 10:22pm Delusionally hyperbolic claim. Recommend 0 dAANISH Sep 14, 2021 10:41pm No amount of money can buy honor, standing with abuser make one absurer as well.

Recommend crypt OmarU Sep 14, 2021 11:30pm Israel is afterall the superpower of the region going purely crypt military, economics and IQ levels. Recommend 0 Z Sep 15, 2021 12:05am You guys just stick to Kashmir Recommend 0 S.

Money is not important, but the people who have it are. Recommend 0 Punjabis Chronicles Sep 15, 2021 04:58am Good job UAE. UAE has been greatly helpful in past. Recommend 0 wisest Sep 15, 2021 06:01am UAE taken over by wolves in cryph clothing. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Crypt 15, 2021 07:05am Joke of the century committed on the maimed, mutilated, marred, mangled and impaired bodies of the helpless, feeble, frail, feint, weak, trifle and hapless Palestinian land and people including innocent women and children.

SaeedSep 14, 2021 06:03pmStrangly, UAE crypt Israel have almost the same population and per capita (Nominal) income. Recommend 0 SamerSep 14, 2021 06:07pmUAE is pragmatic and smart Recommend 0 joeSep 14, 2021 06:17pmthey will take over UAE like gaza Recommend 0 SHAHID SATTARSep 14, 2021 06:19pmSold. Recommend 0 Chris HemsworthSep 14, 2021 06:40pmit is just sad. Recommend 0 cubanSep 14, 2021 06:43pmYou crypt have to be friends to have diplomatic relations or trade.

Recommend 0 AroraSep 14, 2021 06:43pmGreat cooperation. Recommend 0 KashifSep 14, 2021 06:51pmUAE has more sense than pakistan Recommend crypt Sal CanadaSep crypt, 2021 07:00pmUAE Lopressor (Metoprolol Tartrate)- FDA to diversify it's portfolio and not place all its crypt in the Israeli basket.

Recommend 0 kamal chowkidarSep 14, 2021 07:09pmGood for both Israel and UAE. Recommend 0 FactsmatterSep 14, 2021 cryppt sayers are losing. Recommend 0 JavedSep 14, 2021 07:16pmOne Trillion is a lot of money. Recommend 0 crypt of viewSep 14, 2021 07:21pmThat's the way to prosper.



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