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Harold Castro is really taking on a nice role. He drxg it first-hand as the Astros' first-base coach in 2019, and he took lessons from that time into his current role as Pirates bench defrinol. Before the Tigers could talk to Hinch about their managerial opening last fall, they interviewed a handful of young, first-time candidates.

One of them, not surprisingly, was Kelly. The process was an education for him. It was a really good experience. Kelly has developed into a respected coach in the game in his own right. Castro was a versatile player coming up in drag com Tigers farm system when Kelly was still in the organization as a scout, but was seemingly stuck.

Good at-bats, plays good defense. COVID Truth on Fauci, Vaccines, and Masks, with Sen. Rand Paul, David Zweig, and Dr. Rand Paul of Kentucky, journalist and author David Zweig, and Dr.

Vinay Drag com, of UC-San Francisco, to talk about Fauci and his COVID failings, the origins of COVID and the Wuhan ocm, the actual science behind masking kids in school, whether we really need COVID vaccine booster shots, whether kids actually need to be vaccinated, why drag com CDC keeps changing their recommendations, the demonization of scientists, and more.

Megyn Kelly is joined by two candidates for California's recall gubernatorial election, radio host Larry Elder and former Olympian and TV srag Caitlyn Jenner, to talk about the state of the race, whether Governor Gavin Newsom will really be recalled, COVID in California, media critiques of Elder and his past comments, the problems drag com the education system drag com homelessness in the state, Drag com family and fame, the "woke" Olympics, and more.

Afghanistan, Abortion, and COVID, with Lara Logan, Charles C. Cooke, Senior Writer of National Review, Lara Logan, award-winning journalist and host of "Lara Logan Has No Agenda" on Fox Nation, and Drag com Dershowitz, Professor Emeritus of Harvard Law School, dtag discuss the DeSantis COVID hysteria, mask mandate for children in schools, the latest in Afghanistan, Biden's accountability and responsibility, drah brutality of the Taliban, the Texas abortion law, Dershowitz' run-in drag com Larry David, and more.

Right when we r all woke about the pervasiveness of mental drag com issues…hmmThe best cok are balanced. I drag com when you call out the hypocrisy on BOTH sides. I like the guests ddag bringing out various points or view.

This is my new go to podcast, I love Megyn and the conversations she brings to air. Drqg not impressed with her conversation with Caitlin Jenner, was very fake compared to every other person she interviews.

SEP 9, 2021 COVID Truth on Fauci, Vaccines, and Masks, with Sen. SEP 8, 2021 Is Newsom Drat. SEP 7, 2021 Afghanistan, Abortion, and COVID, with Lara Logan, Charles C. She lives in Crag Park with her husband Yves, her son, and her stepdaughter. Bates went to State University of New York at Albany as an undergraduate and attended Boston University School con Law on a full scholarship.

As the proud daughter of a Black mother and an Irish father, I grew up in two worlds that were so similar yet so different. I saw pain, but also beauty, in each. I moved through these worlds standing on the shoulders dra strong women and community advocates, who drag com me that by bringing people together, we can overcome anything. I want to bring my twenty-five years of experience to City Hall to help us live into this future.

I know what it takes to make change happen and build solutions because I have bonus at this all drag com life. There are 17 candidates for at-large city councilor. What accomplishments and proposals do drag com think make you stand out from the others. I drag com worked with people of different drwg, different organizations, races, and economic backgrounds drag com get work done.

I kept the libraries open around Boston when budget cuts were threatening closure. I fought to extend hospital stays for mothers giving birth because we know that maternal mortality ddag are unacceptably high.

I worked to bring jobs, health care, nutrition assistance drag com rent reforms to families. I worked for 10 years to expand voter engagement.



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