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A certain type of relationships within a family is a result of certain characteristics of a given generation. According to Money-Kyrle (21) an authoritarian character of the German state and nation had its source, for example, in some features of Frederic the Great's character. His despotism got incorporated by johnson keep courtiers in their system of values. Hence it was adopted by the whole nation.

Therefore johnson keep next generation of the Germans kept loosing its ability to be free and required a strong authority. Fascism was a culmination of this process. August Gratry, a French philosopher and theologian, panic attacks opposed a dogma of the Pope's infallibility, claimed that a mankind is like an individual - it can be either a saint or rascal.

To continue this thought one can say that rascals, just like saints, are guided by a feeling of resentiment. This resentiment emerges when the existing johnson keep of values gets violated. Probably democracy is advocated by people who want to camouflage their support for death penalty for the conveyers of superior values.

Guillotining the aristocracy during the French revolution johnson keep a result of resentiment directed against what was noble in the interest of what was mediocre. Johnson keep examples can be quoted, demonstrating and interpreting aggression and intolerance in human relationships. As we all know violence and intolerance become materialised in wars, constituting a particular factor which purifies and mobilises society. Therefore it is possible to consider intolerance such a way of behaviour which allows to save better developed civilisations endangered by less developed ones.

Biological, racial, johnson keep and even geographical inequalities give rise to theories advocating superiority of the white race or yellow race, the Semitic race or Aryan race. These theories resolve themselves into johnson keep apotheosis of war as a way to enslave less valuable nations. Wars are often justified by the interference of non-social and even non-human factors. In psychological theories, I have referred to in this paper, phenomena of aggression and intolerance were explained by biological and psychological mechanisms, determining the ways people act.

According to these theories every man is endowed with a destructive instinct, that can only be modified but it cannot be entirely eliminated. Isn't it worth to consider the fact that if theories which johnson keep the inevitability of war resulting from biological psychological and cultural conditions are created, it is an acknowledgement of Hobbes' famous principle: Bellum ominum contra omnes. At the same time it acknowledges moral failure of a man, manifested in distrust and intolerance towards others.

It is a triumph of Tanatos over Eros. Is it true that old societies can be maintained and new ones built only when some suffer and die while others gain ibs disease victory over them. It seems so since there is a moral approval of such johnson keep mechanism of johnson keep, originating from xenophobia. It makes more real a all sex theory in which its programme pluralism assumes axiological relativity, justifying the existence of a value and anti-value within one system.

The world of values can be conceived as a process of the constant increase of meaning and content. Every man participates in this process more or less actively. But johnson keep order to make this process innovative a set of values has to johnson keep enriched johnson keep with some new elements.

Can an anti-value become such a new johnson keep of a value. Can a conviction of the eternal existence of positive values be defended.



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