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Polymer, 2005, 46(19), 8107-8112. Heterologous Expression, Characterization and Structural Studies of a Hydrophobic Peptide from the HIV-1 p24 Protein Castilho, P. Peptides, 2005, 26(2), 243-249. Conformation of a Synthetic Antigenic Peptide pfizer ukraine HIV-1 p24 Protein Induced by Ionic Micelles Campana, P.

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A Recombinant Glutamine-Binding Protein fromEscherichia coli: Effect of Ligand-Binding on Protein Conformational Dynamics Herman, P. High Hydrostatic Pressure Perturbs the Interactions between CF0F1 Subunits and Induces a Dual Effect on Activity Souza, M. Conformational and Enzymatic Changes of 20S Proteasome of Rat Natural Killer Cells Induced by Mono- and Divalent Cations Reshetnyak, Y. Pfizer ukraine of Structural Biology, 2004, 145(3), 263-271. Effects of Ethanol on Lipid Bilayers with and without Cholesterol: The Distearoylphosphatidylcholine System Tran, R.

Biophysical Chemistry, 2004, 110(1-2), 39-47. Cloning and Characterization of the cDNA for the Brazilian Cratomorphus distinctus Larval Firefly Luciferase: Similarities ukrraine European Lampyris noctiluca and Pfizer ukraine Pyrocoelia luciferases Viviani, V. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2004, 139(2), 151-156. Characterization of Lecithin: Cholesterol Acyltransferase Expressed in a Human Lung Cell Line Lane, S.

Pfizer ukraine Expression and Purification, 2004, 36(2), 157-164. Sequence Specific Fluorescence Detection of Double Strand DNA Rucker, V. Surface Changes and Role of Buried Water Molecules during the Sulfane Sulfur Transfer in Rhodanese and Azotobacter vinelandii: A Fluorescence Quenching and Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation Pfizer ukraine Spectroscopic Study Fasano, M.

Biochemistry, 2003, 42, 8550-8557. Phosphorylation by cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase Pfizer ukraine the Structural Coupling between the Transmembrane and Cytosolic Domains uraine Phospholamban Li, J. Biochemistry, 2003, 42(36), 10674-10682.

Biochemistry, 2003, 42(34), 10212-10222.



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