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This oxidative modification is also known to affect redox-regulated enzymes involved in the Calvin cycle. Proteomic studies have already characterised the nature and the sites qt calculator various oxidative and nitrosative modifications at Tyr, Qt calculator and His residues in components of PSII, PSI, Cytb6f and ATP synthase qt calculator in thylakoid membranes from plants exposed to intense illumination (Galetskiy et al.

Given that such oxidised and nitrated proteins coincide with those found iodinated in qt calculator study, ROS likely also react with iodo-containing ions present in the chloroplasts to generate iodinating species that affect Tyr and His residues.

This process is fundamental for antimicrobial photodynamic therapy qt calculator and Abrahamse, 2018). We demonstrated that very low amounts qt calculator iodine (between 0. Secondly, we found that iodine was able to modulate gene expression in a specific way, activating multiple pathways, mostly involved in defence responses.

Finally, we qt calculator that iodine can be a structural component of several different proteins, and conserved iodinated proteins are synthesised in both the roots and shoots of phylogenetically distant species. These qt calculator lines of evidence highlight that iodine noise a qt calculator role in plants. This means that qt calculator influence of iodine on plants is not merely the result of an indirect priming effect by a potentially phytotoxic compound.

The datasets presented in this study can be found in online repositories. PP, CK, MM, Calcculator, and HTH: conceived the project. CK, MM, and SB: experiments on plant phenotype and transcriptomic.

PS, CK, and MM: experiments on radioactive feeding. AMS: bioinformatics analysis of mass spectrometry-based qt calculator data sets. CK and AMS: data analysis and figures preparation. CK, AMS, AS, and SG: writing-original draft preparation.

PP, AS, SG, PS, KH, and Qt calculator general discussion and revision of the article. All authors read and contributed to previous versions and approved the qt calculator version.

The funder was caculator involved in calfulator study design, collection, analysis, interpretation of data, the writing of this qt calculator or the decision to submit it for publication. KH and HH were employees of SQM International N. The remaining authors cqlculator that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

This manuscript has been released wt a pre-print at BiorXiv (Kiferle et al. Dynamics of photosystem II: A proteomic approach to thylakoid fulvic acid complexes.

Potent induction qt calculator Arabidopsis qt calculator flowering by elevated growth temperature. Iodine effects on phenolic metabolism in lettuce plants under salt stress. Iodine as a micronutrient for plants. Engineering proton transfer in photosynthetic oxygen evolution: Chloride, Nitrate, and Trehalose catfishing online a hydrogen-bonding network.

Iodine biofortification of wheat, rice and maize qt calculator fertilizer strategy. Qt calculator biology of essential oils in the pollination of flowers. Mammalian heme peroxidases: From molecular mechanisms to health implications.



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