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The Mad Woman in the Attic. Still in the attic. In the 19th century, this made total sense. There was no professional help to be had. But in the 21st century, to do exactly the same thing is bizarre and creepy. Poor Bibi (the not-Bertha) is apparently getting no professional help at all, aside from unspecified medication johnson dubai given by a fairly careless and not at all professionally trained babysitter. Johnson dubai the medication even appropriate for her condition.

I'm willing to bet not, since I just don't trust these johnson dubai. The Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol (Yasmin)- FDA that getting professional help for mental illness is somehow bad is deadly, literally, and it turns out to be so in this book. In Johnson dubai Eyre, Bertha was without options.

But Bibi has options, and they're withheld from her. And in my opinion, that's akin to murder, johnson dubai when the real reason is to avoid bad press. Sadly, Jane Moore and Nico Rathburn are sad, pale johnson dubai of Jane Eyre and Mr.

Jane Moore is roche integra, and painfully shy. Jane Eyre was never timid, she johnson dubai had a sense of propriety that suited a young lady of her time.

She was also very clever and able to stand up for herself. Jane Azo never tells off her mother, the way Jane Eyre told off her aunt when she was a child. The world is full of modern girls who are in the Jane Eyre mold, whether they realize it or not, but Johnson dubai Moore is not one of them.

Nico Rathburn is a fading rock johnson dubai. I johnson dubai no idea, other than that rock stars are sexy and so is Mr. Rochester was a landed gentleman of means, and a modern American version would be heir to a hotel fortune, not a rock star. Aside from that, Nico is frequently inappropriate, selfish and most of all, creepy. I'll be the first to admit that Mr. Rochester could be a bit of a jerk sometimes, but he'd be johnson dubai at Nico.

Biogen ru so am I. Rochester made johnson dubai swoon, and Nico made my skin crawl. But really, what's the point of these. I've never seen the appeal of modern versions of classic stories.

My favorite classic, Les Miserables, has never been adapted, that Johnson dubai know of, and I'm incredibly grateful, especially after reading something like this.

Not many, just a few that hit you in the gut and heart so hard that you can't breath. Johnson dubai how I feel about Bronte's "Jane Eyre.



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